Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hy-Vee Grocery Stores Provide Onsite Dietitians - Set Standard for Supermarkets Nationwide

A third of Americans are obese; another third are overweight. Some 26 million Americans have Type 2 diabetes and an additional 79 million more are pre-diabetic. With Americans growing increasingly larger and unhealthy habits taking a toll, supermarkets and national grocery chains are finally starting to offer onsite wellness consulting to improve shoppers’ diets and boost customer satisfaction. 

For those Americans suffering from allergies or chronic disease, it can be a challenge to find foods that fit their constraints. It can be difficult for anyone to pick out nutritious options at the grocery store, but for those customers with specific dietary needs, it often takes an expert to help them fill their cart with the best food options. 

Even individuals who are generally healthy and eat well can usually benefit from an expert’s advice when it comes to preparing daily meals for themselves and their families.

Enter the RD’s. Dietitians are increasingly being employed by grocery stores to consult with customers, assist with healthy shopping, and provide tips and recipes for those looking to lose weight.

It’s surprising it took so long! Grocery stores can be an overwhelming experience. Combine the sheer number of options with Americans’ taste for sugar, salt, and fat, and it’s obvious why the obesity crisis is hurtling along at full force. When a customer walks into a retail shop, there is nearly always a sales person greeting the shopper, offering assistance, and ultimately guiding the individual towards the best options for his or her lifestyle. Finally, shoppers can experience something similar at grocery stores.

Despite the barrage of food options, an onsite dietitian can steer shoppers towards the most healthful fare.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd be more likely to shop at a store with on-site dietitians. That's such a good idea. I can't believe no one's thought of doing this before.