Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flavonoid Intake Can Improve Bone Health

When you think of strong bones, you probably think Calcium! Milk! Dairy! And of course, in the past few years, Vitamin D has received its fair share of positive press for bone strengthening properties; but what about flavonoids, those naturally occurring plant pigments with antioxidant properties?

Flavonoids – compounds found in foods like fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, tea, dark chocolate, and wine – have been shown recently to have a significant impact on bone health. Researchers are currently unsure which properties of the compounds allow for enhanced bone formation and decreased deterioration, but they agree that flavonoids appear to have a more positive effect on bone than fruits and vegetables alone.

Although the cellular processes responsible for improving bone structure require further examination, these initial studies of flavonoids' role in disease prevention offer hope for potential bone promoting resources in the coming years. As the baby boomers age, this type of research will prove invaluable. Osteoporosis and skeletal weakening are quickly becoming critical issues in healthcare. Providing options for optimal bone strength beyond calcium and vitamin D could prevent numerous bone breaks and fractures and minimize cost of care down the line.

Additionally, athletes who refuel with flavonoid-rich foods are less prone to injury and experience quicker recovery. The antioxidant properties of these compounds have been found to reduce inflammation and prevent chronic oxidative-stress related diseases.

While earlier studies suggest flavonoid consumption protects individuals against inflammation and cancer, breakthrough research demonstrates the role of flavonoids in improved bone health.

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