Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tips for a Healthy New Year

As we approach the New Year, it’s tempting to make grandiose plans with the hope of reinvention, but most likely this enthusiasm will begin to ebb by the second week of January. Don’t try to drastically make yourself over because ultimately your self esteem will take a hit if you fail to achieve everything at once. Instead, try some of these tips to ensure a healthier, happier, 2011.
  1. Start early – Instead of making January 1 the day to begin exercising and eating right, start NOW. You’ll slowly begin to develop healthy habits which will make them easier to maintain weeks from now. Also, starting before January 1 takes some of the pressure off and you're less likely to beat yourself up over small setbacks.

  2. Sleep – If you make one resolution this year, aim to get more sleep. Inadequate shut-eye amplifies the effects of stress which increases Cortisol levels and can eventually lead to weight gain. Sleep also makes you look younger, feel better, and boosts memory.

  3. Build lean muscle – You don’t need to exhaust yourself on the treadmill every morning. Instead, try strength training to decrease insulin resistance and improve metabolism.

  4. Read food labelsNutrition facts can be a powerful tool to help practice portion control and fight weight gain. Know what you’re eating and you'll be more likely to maintain a healthy weight over time.

  5. Avoid crash dietsCrash diets mess with metabolism and lead to weight gain rather than weight loss in the long run. Try eating frequent, small meals full of lean protein, whole grains, and non-starchy vegetables to keep your metabolism high. Remember, in most cases it’s unhealthy to lose more than a pound a week. Be patient.

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