Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delaware, the Darling State of Wellness!

It seems Delaware has been well aware of the need to encourage employees to take responsibility for their own health and wellness since 2003!

In 2003, the state launched a beta program will 100 employees. The program was an incentivized wellness program created with the philosophy that "a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce." DelaWell was offered free of charge. The program helped employees assess their own personal health risks and provided personal coaching intervention to target lifestyle topics such as back care, blood pressure management, blood sugar control, exercise, nutrition and stress management. All participants received a $100 pre-tax incentive when they attended a biometric screening and completed a health risk assessment. 

The program was so successful the State enrolled 1500 more employees for a second year of testing. The ROI was $450K! Delaware currently has made the program available to 65,000 state employees! Go Delaware!

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