Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Counting Connecticut with Current Employee Wellness

Just like other states in the U.S., Connecticut's leading causes of death is chronic disease—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. And just like the rest of America, obesity is the leading risk factor for developing some of these chronic diseases. In 2007, a program named The Connecticut Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Nutrition, Physical Activity & ObesityPrevention (NPAOP) was implemented to support healthy behaviors by educating, increasing awareness, and promoting policies and environmental changes to help make “the healthy choice, the easy choice.” I am thrilled to report the the program is still being funded in 2009!

One successful initiative was the annual Farmers’ Market, an effort to increase availability and access to, and promote the consumption of, fresh fruits and vegetables. It was started in 2007, at the Capitol Avenue Complex where several state agencies were housed. High participation was reported. The program continues on a seasonal basis. In addition, the NPAOP has an office with real employees and outreach programs throughout the state.

Some other initiatives include:
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs
  • Diabetes Awareness Programs
  • A Healthy Eating, Active Eating Resource Toolkit for businesses and state agencies
  • Cancer prevention (breast and cervical early detection) and Colorectal Initiative
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Keep it going Connecticut! WCS is counting you as one of our wellness winners! We need all of our 50 states to continue supporting wellness initiatives for all Americans.

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