Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's that Time of the Year to Plan Events from the 2009 Health Observance Calendar

Health observances are special days, weeks, or months used to raise awareness of important health topics. Examples include National Alcohol Awareness Month, American Stroke Month, World Health Day, and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. December is a great time of year for Human Resources personnel to plan events your company may want to promote throughout the year. The new National Health Observance Calendar for 2009 can be found at Each event has at least one or more websites that can be used to get ideas on educating employees about a particular health observance.

For example, at American Stroke Month the link takes you to where there is reliable information on stroke prevention.

Planning your schedule ahead of time will allow you plenty of time to order the free materials that are available at many of the sites. There is so much to choose from, best to start planning now.

Another great way to choose which events you want to promote is to form a wellness committee. A wellness committee should reflect the diverse departments and people that form your company. Ideally your wellness committee members will take part in role modeling and volunteering for events the company supports.

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