Monday, December 8, 2008

America's Health Ranking Declines in 2007

Shame on America for showing absolutely no improvement in overall health since 2004! Americans showed a decline in health over the past year despite progress made in several key health indicators like cancer and cardiovascular disease. The most recent National Health Analysis was launched by United Health Foundation, The American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention The report analyzes a comprehensive set of 20 related health measures and the results show the harsh reality of a country that does not focus nearly enough of it's efforts on health prevention. You can view the entire report at:

Analysis showed Vermont, Minnesota and Hawaii as the nation's healthiest states (perhaps due to the progressive health education programs in those states) with Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas topping the least healthy states.

The three key factors to overall health were:
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • the increase in uninsured Americans

Employers are doing there part to help Americans stay insured. It is now time to embrace our working population with incentives for prevention and lifestyle improvement programs. People who work spend most of their time at work. The work environment must address how we are going to help these individuals get healthier! Support must come from the top down and wellness should be integrated into policy and procedures. Start a basic wellness program today! For more information contact:

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