Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Remind Your Employees About Self Care

Self care is something we all need to be reminded to do every day. In order to get started, have your employees answer some basic questions for themselves about living a healthy life.

1. Do I get annual physical checkups?

2. Do I smoke or use spit tobacco?

3. How is my weight?

4. How is my nutrition?

5. Am I managing any chronic conditions I may have?

6. Do I get the proper screenings I need for preventive care?

7. How is my mood? Have I felt persistently down or depressed?

8. How often am I exercising?

9. Do I wear a seat belt every time I ride in a motor vehicle?

These are personal questions an employee can ask themselves and take note of. It is important for employees to know what threatens their own personal health. Not to scare them, but rather to help create an awareness about health and safety. Make it easy for employees to reach out for more information on self care. Provide educational materials that are easily accessible and answer every health problems.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention
and The National Center for Health Statistics Information a have insightful information on the biggest risks to health and well being.

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