Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Time to Celebrate National Nutrition Month!

Nowadays, our busy schedules make it hard to find the time to take care of ourselves by eating healthfully and exercising. National Nutrition Month is a perfect time to focus employees on seven simple steps to take control for better health. Here are some steps to help out!

Step 1: Breakfast is a habit to cultivate

Research shows that breakfast eaters consume fewer calories at lunch and dinner and are less likely to snack compulsively the rest of the day. What you have for breakfast matters! Try to include:

  • a breakfast that includes fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fat to get your metabolism moving faster.
  • Good grab and go breakfasts like a banana with whole plain yogurt with oats and nuts

Step 2: Think Portion Control --- size it up

Don't feel you have to clean your plate when you're eating out. Most meals are a lot larger than the average adult requires. Try splitting dinner with a friend. Make sure to order a salad or soup to fill you up.

Step 3: Munchies can be healthful

Snacking isn't a bad habit if your mindful of how many calories you are eating. Eating frequently instead of waiting until you are ravenous might help you avoid overeating. It also keeps blood sugar levels normal and brain chemistry in balance.

Plan 4: Small changes make a big difference - to your waistline

Choose lower fat or mono saturated fat items. Eat your fruit instead of drinking it. Eat more fiber and you will get fewer calories.

Plan 5: Fit fitness in throughout the day; every step you take counts.

  • the goal for good health is to accumulate 10,000 steps per day. To help keep track some people use an electronic pedometer
  • Take your dog for a walk ever day If you don't have a dog, borrow your neighbor's, or just walk your "inner dog"
  • Take the steps at work
  • Walk around the block a few times
  • Grab your co worker and go to the gym during lunch

Plan 6: Remember the basics of good nutrition

  • Expand the variety of foods in your diet
  • Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to the goods you already eat
  • Select healthier fats - mono saturated like the fat found in fish, nuts, seeds, and olive oil

Plan 7: Remember to Treat yourself

  • Pick a day or two in the week and have a treat that is planed such as dessert or entree that you really love. Watch the portion but the extra 100-200 calories you've eaten can easily be burned off with a 1-2 mile walk
  • Challenge yourself with a fitness goal
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Try meditating, yoga or an old fashioned nap
  • Take care of yourself as often as you can

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