Thursday, February 28, 2008

What to do about Stress?

Stress is a fact of life in the American workplace. The same workplace that causes so much stress for its employees can also act as the agent of change in helping employees deal with it. The most successful stress-management programs teach employees how to relax, reflect, and recognize when they are stressed. Try
  • inviting a reputable health coach from a wellness company to speak once per month on subjects that are stressing employees /
  • having an in service training for managers and supervisors to recognize the signs of depression and stress in employees
  • set up an employee health promotion library stocked with the latest book and cd's on stress, exercise, nutrition, diet, fitness and more
  • Subscribe to science based health periodicals and have them available
  • Subscribe to the National Health Observance Calendar and create programs to match monthly events in the calendar

Get creative and use reliable online data, but make sure to take care of your employees stress!

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Mike Craycraft said...

A good idea to reduce stress is to try to offer value-added benefits to reduce the employees stress. For example, some everyday tasks just add to the employees stress. Employers can try to team with a local laundromat to pick-up and drop-off dry cleaning at the office, or a drug store to do the same with prescriptions or a gas station to come get the cars for oil changes, etc. Another idea is to, if you have a cafeteria, allow the employees to order late in the day, something like pizza or chicken so that they can buy a meal to take home.