Monday, January 7, 2008

A Walking Program is Good for your Company

As a registered dietitian, I live by the theory that the greatest portion of illness is preventable through changes in personal nutrition and lifestyle choices. This theory happened to be published in a widely discussed New England Journal of Medicine article from 1993 written by The Health Project consortium, a New York City-based organization with members from private and public sectors. According to its essay, preventable illness makes up approximately 70 percent of the burden of illness and associated costs.a. In that light, if most disease results from environmental risks factors, employers who encourage activity such as walking may be able to change the entire culture and health of the American workplace! The American College of Sports Medicinea and thea recommend some type of moderate level aerobic activity such as walking for at least 30 minutes or for three 10 minute bouts, at least three to five days per week. Research has shown that moderate walking can reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 40%!This is so much for so little! Create a walking program at your company today. Show this and links to a senior executive today. They are the people responsible for setting priorities and allocating resources for your programs!

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