Thursday, January 17, 2008

Incentives Will Increase Employee Participation

A recent Workplace Mangement Survey On incentives conducted by Workplace Program Management and Wellness Junction reported "Almost 70 percent of wellness managers now encourage employee participation in wellness programs through incentives or rewards, up from 54.7 percent of managers who used incentives in 2003." Incentives can help increase participation for any kind of challenge you have. Refer to this list for just a few ideas:

▪ T-shirts
▪ Pedometers
▪ Water bottles
▪ Gift certificates
▪ Cook books
▪ Exercise bands
▪ Magnets
▪ Frisbees
▪ Personal certificates
▪ Pins
▪ Stickers

For those of you with a tight budget, many local businesses have proven to be willing
to donate some incentives. Contact restaurants and other businesses in the area to
see if they would be willing to provide either merchandise or even gift
certificates. Incentives will add participation. It's a no brainer!

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