Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Help Wellness Corporate Solutions Win the Social Madness Challenge

Wellness Corporate Solutions is participating in the Social Madness Challenge hosted by The Business Journal.

We are a small company with a BIG vision.

We believe good health is contagious and we've made it our mission to spread the word. Through the power of social media, we have been able to reach an audience larger than we ever imagined possible.

The winner of the Social Madness Challenge (which is currently halfway through Round 2 - yes, we made it this far!) will receive $10,000 to be awarded to the charity of their choice. If we were to win, the prize would be divided between the three non-profits we support.

So vote for WCS today to help us make it to the next round of the challenge. We are currently the underdogs (in 7th place of 8 spots) but we know with the help of our biggest fans, we can give the current first place company a run for its money.

Here's How YOU Can Help:

Vote for WCS on the Social Madness Challenge Site
Like WCS on Facebook
Follow WCS on Twitter
Connect with WCS on Linkedin

Thanks for all your support!

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