Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make Healthy Choices - No Excuses!

When work took me out of the office earlier this week, my healthy behaviors took a hit. 4 AM wake up calls meant my morning run went out the window. A granola bar in the car took the place of a healthy, mindful breakfast. And, perhaps most disruptive, the exhaustion that set in at noon led to lethargy and carbohydrate cravings before dinnertime.

Luckily for me, travel is not a major component of my job so a few days of unhealthy habits won't completely derail my lifestyle. But, for those workers who are regularly on the go or constantly face a shake-up to their routines, it’s important to recognize what leads you off course and how to find time to make health a priority.

A recent Lululemon blog post offers five tips for sticking with a running routine that is applicable to all facets of wellness. Thanks to the article, I found myself marching in place during commercials while watching 30 Rock re-runs on my couch. True, it wasn’t the same as going for a run, but at least I kept my muscle fibers from going comatose.

Read on for WCS methods to stay on track when obstacles arise.

1. IF this, THEN that. Think of wellness as a seesaw in motion, and always strive for balance. IF you don’t have time to exercise because your schedule is disrupted, THEN spend that day eating more healthfully.

2. Take a nap. Research shows that lack of sleep leads to weight gain over time. If early mornings, jet lag, or work-induced stress lead to a lack of Zzz’s, take a cat nap in the afternoon (stick to 30 minutes to avoid insomnia that night) and awake refreshed and mentally alert.

3. Check out pinterest for some fitness motivation. The aesthetically-appealing, emotive imagery on the photo site has increased membership in record numbers. Take advantage of the inspirational quotes, fitness attire, and exercise suggestions to nudge you towards a workout.

4. Set a goal. Even if you pledge to fit in just one ten-minute walk per day, or promise to do 10 push-ups three times a day, stick with it.

5. Just do it. Early morning meetings and after-work commitments can make it hard to stick with a routine. It’s impossible to control every situation, so if you find yourself with an unexpected 30 minutes of free time, use it for wellness. Cut up vegetables for snacking later that week, go for a 20 minute walk around the block, or step away from the computer screen and read outside.

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