Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Secrets of Skinny Women

My healthy coworkers
Working at a wellness company doesn’t automatically mean my coworkers are thin, but by and large they are a healthy, motivated, and relatively slender bunch. We believe it’s important to practice what we preach, so a healthy diet and regular exercise are the norm. Although new fad diets continue to attract followers, the true secrets are here, in plain sight, and completely doable. Read on to learn about the healthy habits of the women at the WCS office - who have the bodies you want!

Eat. Yes, that’s right. The key to keeping your waistline in check is to eat food. Even the thinnest employees at WCS have healthy relationships with food. They eat a lot, but they eat well, which is key. No one here skips meals, fasts, or tries extreme dieting techniques (read: grapefruit diet). Meals are balanced but not skimpy.

Eat often. My tiniest coworker noshes constantly. She starts most days off with fibrous oatmeal loaded with nuts and fresh fruit, followed by a  greek yogurt mid-morning, and whole wheat pita stuffed with hummus and veggies for lunch. Walking by her desk, I rarely see her without a carrot stick or bowl of unsalted nuts. She is constantly snacking, but it’s mindful, energy-efficient snacking and processed foods never seem to make an appearance.

Don’t overthink it. Are you hungry? Eat. If not, don’t. Sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies to see what’s going on. Office workers especially can fall into the habit of mindlessly munching in front of the computer (I’ve been there with a 3 pm chocolate pretzel addiction), but if you can occupy your mouth in other ways (chew gum, drink water, sip tea), you prevent pointless calorie consumption.

Moderation. No matter how good food looks, tell yourself, there will always be more. For the majority of us, food is plentiful and obesity rather than malnutrition is the nutritional distaster du jour. Always take home leftovers. Opt for small portions. Avoid the bread basket. Do whatever it takes to put down your fork before fullness sets in.

Avocados. Seriously. Since I started working at WCS I’ve never seen so many avocados in my life. Despite being high in fat, the thinnest WCS employees eat them on a daily basis. The fruit serves as a stand-alone snack, a condiment, a salad ingredient, and more!

Hydrate. We all drink buckets of water every day and everyone in the office has great skin, healthy hair, and a slim physique. This observation doesn’t mean drinking water makes you thin, but research shows that dehydration can sometimes be misinterpreted as hunger, whereas proper hydration can curb cravings and minimize overeating. Additionally, soda (both regular and diet) is understandably absent from our office. Water, green tea, and coffee are the only beverages these healthy folks consume regularly during the work day.

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Nevh @ Wellness Philippines said...

I am glad that I found this blog it is very interesting and I got a lot of idea on how to have healthy body. Because of my work I didn't eat healthy food sometimes and eating more crackers in front of computer instead. Thank you for the tips.