Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Food... Plate?

A recent reworking of nutritional guidelines by the FDA has left the USDA’s iconic food pyramid looking hopelessly outdated. Even before the new food rules were announced this January, many found the pyramid confusing and inadequate. But, it has been announced that tomorrow the USDA is officially releasing an updated image for nutritional guidelines that is meant to more clearly lay out what we should be eating along with proper portion control.

It seems the pyramid is being replaced by a simple plate image. Historically, this logo was meant to represent healthy eating, so it makes sense that food will finally be framed within a relevant context. Although some might argue that the plate is almost too literal (leaving little room for interpretation or variation in diet), Americans clearly need to be hit over the head with nutritional advice. Obesity levels have continued to increase across the nation and children are heavier than ever. If it takes an overly obvious food plate to teach kids about appropriate food intake, then so be it.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the updated USDA food logo when it is officially released tomorrow, Thursday, June 2nd.

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