Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Into A New Routine!

It’s easy to fall into an exercise rut when you spend the frosty months of winter tucked away from the cold inside a sticky, sweaty gym, but as the weather turns warmer and daylight savings goes into effect, there are more opportunities for exercise both inside and out. Spring lets us diverge from our stale indoor routines and try new forms of exercise – which can offer benefits for both the mind and body. You might have heard that people reach a "plateau" in their weight loss or their training goals, and this is usually the result of not challenging the body in new and meaningful ways. Some tips for getting fit this season:

1. Try something new. The best way to overcome exercise boredom is to branch out and try something completely different. Stepping out of the "comfort zone" is often the best way to acknowledge the positive benefits of any exercise regimen. Take advantage of different options available based on weather. If you live near a ski area, try hiking up the mountain instead of skiing down it. Haven't picked up a tennis racket since summer camp? Try a clinic at the local Y or find a friend and head to some local courts. Even bending down to pick up the ball can be a good lower body workout!

2. Hit the pavement. If you’ve been logging miles on the treadmill, now is the time to take that workout outside. Studies show that people who walk outside rather than on a treadmill move faster but report an easier workout overall.

3. Ditch your wheels. Take advantage of the warmer weather and abstain from driving for a weekend. Walk, bike, or take public transportation to get from place to place. Even if you need to hop on a bus or train, the walk to and from the stop brings you closer to your daily recommended step count.

Exercise should be something that you do for enjoyment and because you feel how it benefits your life. You should have more energy, strength, an increased libido, and resist illness more effectively. Sounds like a great start to spring!

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Matt said...

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