Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More on the "Let's Move" Initiative!

In her recent appearance at the National Governors Association, Michelle Obama brought the issue of childhood obesity to the forefront when she urged leaders to join her in a campaign to reduce childhood obesity. As obesity rates continue to rise across the country, experts agree that reaching out to children is an invaluable way to achieve a healthier population in the coming years.

In an attempt to get the governors on board, Michelle Obama discussed her wellness initiative, Let’s Move, touting it as a campaign to effectively get kids off the couch, away from the TV, and moving as much as possible in fun and creative ways. The Let's Move initiative includes four major goals:
  1. Providing parents with the information and support they need to help their children eat properly
  2. Ensuring that schools offer more healthful food
  3. Helping children get regular physical activity
  4. Ensuring that healthful food is available in all areas and neighborhoods
This wellness initiative is a fairly recent development, so the governors’ forum provided the first lady with a platform to discuss the importance of targeting children as a means to encourage healthy lifestyles from youth. As the health care angst continues, the nation’s leaders are looking for ways to reduce future spending without skimping on care.

The thinking goes: if we can get kids interested in movement and activity rather than typical sedentary lifestyles, the future population of America will face far fewer chronic diseases and lead healthier (and less costly) lives. It is encouraging to see Mrs. Obama taking on such a huge "pink elephant in the room" cause. She will be fighting plenty of powerful corporations whose products contribute to obesity. At Wellness Corporate Solutions, we promote Ms. Obama's cause and will help in whatever way we can!

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