Monday, January 26, 2009

Wellness in Alabama!

With health costs soaring, Alabama’s State Employee Insurance Board (ASEIB) approved a wellness program that directly links healthy behaviors to premium levels. The Wellness Premium Discount Program will encourage state employees to undergo screening for four health factors that are linked to the development of serious, high-cost conditions. Those measures are blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and body mass index (BMI), a measure of height and weight that indicates amount of body fat.
Currently, the state’s 37,500 active employees pay no premiums for coverage (except for smokers, who pay $25 a month). Beginning Jan.1, 2010, employees will start paying monthly premiums of $50. Those who don’t smoke will have $25 discounted, and those who agree to undergo the screenings will have another $25 deducted. So those who comply will, once again, pay no premiums! In this time of economic difficulty, Alabama is ready to place responsibility on individuals that work for them to take ownership of their health and well being.

Individuals who exceed the baseline measurements for blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, and blood glucose will be given a voucher to follow up with a physician. The employee will then need to certify annually that that they are working to manage the condition by verifying they have either:
  • consulted with a physician
  • participated in a wellness management program
  • reduced risks through their own self-management

Other states are adopting similar programs. Investing in health promotion and prevention has been proven to pay off for many employers. If you have any question regarding your own wellness program contact

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