Sunday, November 16, 2008

Additional Ideas for Employees with Diabetes

This last blog reviewed some of the things you can do when a number of employees are diagnosed with diabetes and/or pre diabetes. Being diagnosed with a chronic disease like diabetes can be a shock, and many people feel overwhelmed by the news. Some feel angry, others go into denial. If an employer is willing to take the time to help those in need better understand their situation and help employees to start focusing on their diabetic health needs, they can saves lives and money at the same time. Research shows people who effectively manage their diabetes over time are better able to minimize or even prevent some the serious health and cost complications associated with the disease.

More Things You Can Do To Help

  1. Hire a nurse or diabetes educator to come on site (contact to find a health professional) and have the nurse or diabetes educator hold an educational lunch and learn or have employees sign up for a one on one individual assessment to identify specific self management goals

  2. Find a local pharmaceutical company that is willing to provide a seminar on the most updated meters and medications. for resources

  3. Post a notice of some of the more popular Diabetes Blogs
    There is a long list at

  4. Try using a site such as: Diabetes Self-Management is a publisher of authoritative, reliable health information. They publish a bimonthly magazine, a weekly e-mail newsletter, a number of books, and a blog.

Diabetes management and education can be an interactive, collaborative, ongoing process with an employee. There are so many resources available to help. Contact for more information.

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