Monday, July 14, 2008

The Walkstation Shows ROI Within First Year!

A few blogs ago I introduced the Walkstation (created by research from Dr. James A. Levine of the Mayo Clinic) as the answer to bring healthy habits to sedentary workers. The Walkstation is a combination of a height adjustable, fully electronic integrated desk with a low speed commercial grade treadmill attached to it. As a professional in the wellness industry who has been working on work site wellness programs for many years, I believe this machine is the answer to change the health of sedentary employees. Now, there is data to back up my own personal conclusion. Using the Health Risk Factor Survey, a standard way to measure percent of productivity increase when health factors are eliminated, Dr. Dee Edington, from the American Journal of Health Promotion calculated that if a Walkstation is purchased for the price of $4400 and four people use it enough to drop 2 health risks factors, the unit could potentially return the initial investment within one year by reducing current health risk factors and avoiding new ones. The grand total saved for one Walkstation in one year could potentially be $4408! In addition, there are dollars gained by an increase in productivity for those employees who drop health risks.

If the Walkstation was used in combination with an incentive program (points earned toward rewards for participating) there is no doubt that the ROI could possibly much higher.

An employer, HR director, CEO, COO or anyone with sedentary employees needs to take action now! Contact
for more information or visit user ID: JRODMAN and password: WALKSTATION for more details on model choices and details.

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