Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Corporate Wellness Roundtable

Check out the transcript from this Oakland (Mich.) Business Review roundtable, where four local business leaders discuss wellness programs in their companies.

My favorite quotes:

"Health is where safety was 50 years ago. Business costs were rising because of safety issues - they said, 'We can't pay on (the back) end, we have to pay out front.'

"You can do that in the health arena. We can get there. It was a struggle then to change safety policies in the front end, and reduce costs in the end."

And this one:

"I find that decision-makers over 40, 45 are changing. You'd think it would be the younger CEO that would be more into wellness, but (the older group realizes) for themselves they must do something. So I'm seeing buy-in much quicker."

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