Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Walkstation: The Perfect Answer to bring Healthy Habits to Sedentary Workers while they are Working!

I have been offering wellness programs for a long time, and finally I feel like I have found a product that can promote participation without taking time away from work! It is called the Walkstation. The Walkstation was created from the research of Dr. James A. Levine of the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The Walkstation is the combination of a height adjustable, fully electronic integrated desk with a low speed commercial grade treadmill attached to it. The walk speed is maxed at 2 mph which lets employees walk while they work, burning calories with no sweating involved! A touch pad digital controller records and displays time, distance,speed and calories burned! With the push of a button, there is room to move from sitting, to standing, to walking throughout the day.

  • I believe this new machine is the answer to change the face of the corporate workplace and the health of its workforce.
  • This is a win win product that should be part of any successful wellness strategy!

The data is there. Obesity is driving up health care costs and driving down worker productivity Now there is a solution that has no excuses not to be used! A solution of how to burn calories, potentially alleviate stress and improve the overall health of employees! Contact for a demonstration and/or more information. Give your employees a better day at work! Now you can help everyone to take a healthy step in the right direction.

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