Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Messages for Employee Heart Health

In addition to holding seminars to educate employees about heart disease, it is a good idea to send messages or create posters that send the message for employees to take action to be healthier. One of the most powerful reminders can be to encourage employees to move! A person does not need to be an athlete to exercise. Increasing physical activity can come in many forms. Posters are an inexpensive way to keep the message going. Websites with great tips and ordering materials include: , or If you make your own posters at work, here are some points to stress:

  • You don't neeed to be an athlete to exercise
  • Try to do something active at least 30 minutes per day
  • Break it up into segments of 10 minutes three times per day if that makes it easier
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Sweep the floor, wash windows or vacuum at a brisk pace
  • Make activity appointments with yourself or a buddy and write them into your daily planner or computer scheduler.
  • Walk around the house, the neighborhood, the store, or around the building at work
  • Remember to MOVE!

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