Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cardiac Trivia Seminar

WCS performed a super fun wellness activity for a worksite wellness program today. It was called Cardiac Trivia. In honor of Healthy Heart Month, we created a presentation intended for the general work age audience covering topics of fiber, sodium, food labels, heart healthy nutrition and the DASH diet. The participants learned the anatomy of the food label, how the food label fits into their daily plans, how to analyze and interpret packaging claims so they can make better choices in the grocery store. The lesson at a glance was a lecture on teaching employees the important facts about a healthy diet and heart disease.

The employees loved it! We divided the lesson materials into 4 sections:
  • Show me the fiber
  • Beware of sodium
  • Look at Labels

It was a great review, there were tons of questions, and we gave out prizes to all who participated plus three special raffle prizes. A great hour of learning to help employees understand how to prepare, buy and cook foods that can positively impact their current and future health. A must for any busy company!

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