Thursday, January 24, 2008

Host a Chair Massage Day

There is no doubt that one of the biggest and most appreciated events for employees is free chair massage day! Massage is a great way for people to relieve stress and recharge for the work day. This kind of stress reduction can go a long way toward increasing productivity and employee morale. Corporate chair massage has quickly become one of the most popular and requested benefits in the workplace today. The physical demands of long hours at the computer and the high stress of the new marketplace have made all forms of work stress reduction increasingly necessary. A good chair massage reduces fatigue and tension. It is a no brainer way to make your employees feel appreciated.


louie said...

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Mike Craycraft said...

This is an excellent idea for value-added benefits for employees. I worked in a medical center that offered 5-min. chair messages on a periodical basis. The massage therapist would suddenly appear one morning in your department and the mood was immediately lifted.

I would even mention the service to people I was interviewing for new positions.